What’s Next?

DCC, Dunedin – Wall Street Mall Mural
To keep up the suspense, Dunedin’s Wall Street Mall asked us to come up with a design to cover one of their shopfronts. Shapes are combined and cut apart to give the viewer a colourful experience. So, if you are in Dunedin, head down to George Street and see if you can find all the visual clues for what could be next.

Greenstyle at the «der Berg bebt» Festival

Greenstyle Laax – Logo
The Greenstyle Foundation, a non-profit organisation in Flims, Laax and Falera, Switzerland, is dedicated to preserve and develop the environment. To make sure the upcoming event «Der Berg bebt!» will be held in the most environmental friendly way possible, we were asked to design three instructional poster for the visitors of the festival.