Drinks with attitude

Irrsinn Bar


The «Irrsinn Bar» has been a popular meeting place for metal and punk lovers for years, but offers far more than the expected distorted guitar sounds and the usual assortment of alcohol. One can find the largest selection of spirits and a variety of cocktails in this successful bar in Basel, which are mixed, stirred and shaken with skill and knowledge. The «Drink of the Week», a mostly in-house developed cocktail, ensures plenty of variety and events such as «Burger World» (Homemade Burgers), concerts and live football games make for a busy social calendar. The owners, Päsci, Mitch and Chutz have successfully proven, cocktail sipping can be appreciated and enjoyed without all the posh frills.

The «Irrsinn Bar» contacted us to help them with a «small» job. In the first meeting, we learned the bar is planning a major revamp and is also in need of a new appearance. So the «small job» turns out to be a complete rebrand of the bar. Lucky us!

The brief: The extensive drink selection and expertise should be reflected by the design. The new look has to be designed to appeal to both, the existing, but also to a new audience, means the new design is allowed to move away from the previous bar-image but had to retain the bar’s authenticity.

Our solution: «Drinks with Attitude» – imagery reflecting the bar, mixed with classic, open and simple black and white design elements were applied to posters, banners, flyers, merchandise, business cards, menu cards and of course the website.

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