Modern cloth nappies

Mums & Bums

New Zealand

It all started when Emma Oakden, a self-confessed clothoholic was trying to help her sister, Terri Oakden, a baffled cloth nappy beginner, to decide which type of nappy she should put her newborn in. After many confused phone calls enquiring about «what is a fitted nappy again?» they realised there were probably a lot of families in the same boat. So they decided to open up their own cloth nappy online store.

After a few meetings with Terri (which usually included some homemade baking, yumm!) we didn’t just come up with a design for the online store, but rather a whole look for «Mums & Bums». This included a logo, business cards, Facebook page, tags, packaging for the parcels and an instructional poster.

Mums_and_Bums Mums_and_Bums2 Mums_and_Bums3 Mums_and_Bums4 Mums_and_Bums5